What is Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization – SEO?

Internet Marketing is the process of improving the volume and or quality of visits to your website.

Let’s face it no matter how fancy or good you think your website is if your website is not making your phone ring or isn’t reaching your target audience then your website is almost useless. This is the same principle as having a physical sign for your business but instead of proudly displaying it where your target audience can easily see it you have it hidden in your garage covered in junk. What good is it?
Who cares how nice your sign is nobody can find it.

Millions and millions of people use Google each and every day to look for something whether it is information, services, a product or YOUR BUSINESS but if your website is not visible then your potential customer or client goes elsewhere for his or her needs.  Thousands and even tens of thousands of people use Google right here in Orlando Florida everyday to search for a business, service providers, information and all kinds of other things and guess what? If your website does not show up for a local search you are losing money and potential customers & clients are going to your competitor instead of you because your potential customer or clients don’t know you even exist.

Quality SEO or search engine optimization does not happen overnight and is a time consuming and tedious technical process. Internet marketing in itself is a complex science that requires special skills, knowledge and most importantly real world experience if you demand quality results. If you are a small or medium sized company and you want to achieve professional results then it is best to hire a SEO – search engine optimization expert to perform the work or guide you and provide you with quality support. You can attempt to do it yourself but if you don’t know what you are doing then it’s best to hire a professional SEO – Search Engine Optimization consultant or small firm.

Choosing a high quality SEO expert can be a nightmare in itself with all the scams and con artists everywhere. So stay tuned while we write an article on how to choose the right SEO expert for your needs and how to avoid getting ripped off which is a HUGE problem in itself and why it is best to stay away from the BIG SEO companies at all costs and we will explain why in our next SEO article.

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