Microsoft Office 2010 Suite and Version Comparison

Why Microsoft Office 2010?

Because your business success depends on productivity.

If you’re like most Business Owners and IT decision-makersin in Orlando and Central Florida , you face a tough balancing act—to support your company’s diverse business needs and varied employee work styles, while efficiently providing consistent technology with reduced budgets and staff.

You are expected to extend capabilities to mobile workers, improve information workflow, and reduce
risk. You need a reliable technology consulting firm to respond quickly to constantly changing business
requirements. You must control the costs of support, training, and integration and connect your users with
key business processes while you protect vital company information.

Where do you turn with such enormous challenges?
SIMPLE: Contact Central Florida Computer Engineering for the reliable IT support you need to make your business succeed.

Discover how you can meet all these challenges with one, efficient, cost-effective platform—
Microsoft Office 2010 and the related Microsoft business productivity servers.

What’s New in Office 2010?

Microsoft Office 2010 helps you rise to the challenge of today’s business environment without losing
sight of what’s needed for IT success. The people in your organization can now work in ways that
are faster, easier, and more intuitive. What’s more, your IT staff can take advantage of a set of smart,
security-enhanced, easy-to-integrate tools, so you can grow your business instead of your budget.

Microsoft Office has been the productivity standard for quite some time. Features like Copy and Paste
and the Ribbon toolbar—which were breakthroughs when they were introduced—have now been
further enhanced. Advanced new capabilities have also been added that will become the new standards
in productivity for the future.

With Office 2010, productivity knows no boundaries. Microsoft Office 2010 can keep your employees in
touch and working effectively no matter where they are. They can use the same applications from their
PCs, from a smartphone, or from a Web browser—and they can even switch between modes of access
without losing a thing. And now that Office Web Apps are available as lightweight companions that
can be hosted on premises, your IT staff gains more manageability and control. All those reasons make
Office 2010 a “must have” productivity tool for any organization.

Top New Capabilities

Office Web Apps are online companions to Microsoft Word,
Excel®, PowerPoint®, and OneNote® that let you review and
make light edits to documents from a supported browser.
Feel confident with your data since document formatting
and content are maintained when edits are done in the browser.
Office Web Apps can be hosted on premises, running on
Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 lets you keep your
important SharePoint documents and lists available offline. It
automatically syncs only the changes, so you get them fast even
over a low-bandwidth connection.

Office Mobile gives co-workers in different locations the
ability to share, edit, and comment on documents with
their smartphones, using a familiar Office experience that is
optimized for mobile devices.

Microsoft Office 2010 keeps security in mind while
helping people work better together through
collaboration without compromise.

Co-authoring supports simultaneous editing to reduce the
administrative work associated with team collaboration;
security is not compromised since the information can be
hosted on premises.

Conversation View, Clean Up, and Ignore in Outlook 2010 can
group messages, remove duplicate information from message
threads, and act like a “mute button” for your inbox. Mail Tips
give users important information before they hit “send” to avoid
unnecessary, embarrassing, or even damaging e-mail.

Broadcast Slide Show allows you to present a slideshow
directly from PowerPoint 2010 to anyone who can access a
Web browser by hosting the content on premises through
SharePoint, or through a free service provided over the Internet.

The Microsoft Outlook Social Connector gives you a people-centric view
of your company, including messages, meeting schedules,
attachments, and SharePoint activities like the posting of status
updates. And because it can be connected to popular social
networking sites, you can also get news from customers,
prospects, and partners.

Microsoft Office 2010 provides tools that help people
draw insights from information and bring
ideas to life.

PowerPivot for Excel 2010 gives you the ability to quickly
calculate data sets of hundreds of millions of rows from multiple
sources at lightning speed—which can eliminate the need
to purchase additional BI tools. Sparklines save real estate
on-screen by charting trends in a single cell adjacent to the
corresponding data.

Photo and video editing tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can trim a video
clip, turn a color film into black & white, add artistic effects to
photos, and more without the need for expensive third-party tools.

Ribbon toolbar is now provided in all applications, so your
team can find the commands they need most often and
ultimately deliver better results, faster. The new Microsoft Office
view gives everyone quick access to important
operations such as viewing document information, saving,
printing, and sharing; it’s extensible, so it can be customized
to surface commands or workflow operations that are most
important to people in your organization.

Microsoft Office 2010 was designed with performance,
security, and manageability in mind, making it
the practical productivity platform for IT.

Maximize performance across the hardware you already own,
while also positioning your organization for future hardware
investments such as 64-bit chips, advanced graphics cards, and
multicore processors.

The Trusted Documents and Protected View features of layered
defense combine to first determine the trustworthiness of
a document and then, if not trusted, open for viewing in a
protected area for users to view before enabling. This tiered
approached to document security is new in Office 2010.

Backstage view, Web Apps, and application services such
as Excel Services help users connect to important business
information and services, without leaving their familiar Microsoft
Office environment, which increases participation in server
investments and reduces training costs.

The Accessibility checker scans documents for issues that
will affect users with disabilities. It also helps eliminate errors
before they can cause harm to the business to maintain legal
compliance with statutory requirements.

Compare Microsoft Office 2010 to Previous Versions of Microsoft Office
See how much more efficient your organization can be with Microsoft Office 2010. Although not
a comprehensive list of features, this chart shows why Office 2010 is a critical tool to extend
productivity. It also increases the value of your existing IT infrastructure and helps you accomplish more,
even with fewer resources.

Note: Some features require a related Microsoft Business Productivity Server or Service such
as Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, or Office Communications Server
to be enabled.
If your organization is located around Orlando Florida or in Central Florida we can help you choose the best options for your organizational goals and budget.

Which Microsoft 2010 Office suite is right for you?

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