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10 Things YOU should NEVER Put on Facebook!

Did you know facebook has more then 800 million active users with about 60% of those people visiting the website on any given day!

Before you log on to facebook and post your next status update, photo or update your facebook profile, check out the top 10 things you should NOT post on facebook.

This may seem obvious but to many it is not. NEVER put your home address on your facebook profile under any circumstances. That is unless you welcome the idea of becoming another victim of identity theft.

We have all had a bad day at work or have worked for bosses we hate. If you choose to post you hate your boss or your boss sucks or complain and whine about your colleagues and customers then there is a good chance your boss will find out and that is probably not a great idea.

If you are involved in workplace romance that in itself is probably not a great idea. Posting it on Facebook is probably a great way to loose your job.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Who does not like getting birthday wishes? Ok almost everybody would enjoy this but do NOT post the year you were born. If you choose to advertise to the whole world your complete birth date then you are inviting yourself to become another victim of identity theft.

If you are one of those people who use the same easy password for everything then well that in itself if just a bad idea. Additionally NEVER provide password reminder clues in your facebook profile such as your favorite sports team, place of birth, mothers maiden name and so forth.

Facebook users should avoid posting photographs of their home, especially of the inside of their homes which would likely show off your valuables to the entire world.

Avoid posting photos of your vacation or weekend getaway while you are away from home. Don’t be an idiot and invite criminals into your home while by broadcasting that you are out of town. If you insist on posting photos of your vacation or trip away from home, have a little common sense and wait until you return home to post these kinds of photos.

Likewise do NOT use your facebook profile to announce things such as “one more day until this or that concert or one more day until the beach”. This is like advertising and announcing hey everybody guess what? I wont be home all day Saturday so if you are a criminal come visit my home and burglarize my home while I am away enjoying the day at the beach or am rocking out at a concert or other event away from home.

Insurance companies are like vampires and leaches. These bloodsucking money hungry crooks are increasingly turning to the world wide web to see which clients are putting their property or themselves at risk by suck activities as skydiving, racing cars, enjoying your dirt bike or other activities which insurance companies deem as dangerous.

If you use another social media site like myspace, twitter, or linkedin, then use common sence if you decide to link your profiles together. An employer who sees your Linkedin profile may also visit your facebook or myspace profile if you advertise it. If you don’t want your company knowing about your personal life then don’t advertise it to them or make it easy for them to find. Instead keep your personal profiles locked down and not viewable by the general public and or by people you do not know and trust.



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