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Apple announced release of new Iphone 4S

Today Apple fans were quite disappointed when they expected Apple to publicly announce the new Iphone 5.  Instead Apple announced the Iphone 4S which is basically the same thing as the Iphone 4 we all love with the addition of new internal hardware that performs better then the stock Iphone 4.

The Apple Iphone 4S looks just like the Iphone 4 on the outside, but on the inside it received an internal overhaul that makes it faster and now smarter than the Iphone 4. Apple added some nifty new games and apps, and priced the Iphone 4S at three different prices depending on how much storage capacity you want. Those prices are $199, $299 and $399.

Here is a brief description of what is new with the Iphone 4S.

  • The Apple Iphone 4S has an 8 megapixel camera
  • The Apple Iphone 4S records video in 1080 High Definition Resolution.
  • The Apple Iphone 4S “offers” an assistant called SIRI that can answer questions you ask it via voice. For example you can ask it “what is the weather today” and it it will tell you. OR You can say “Wake me up at 7am and it will set your Iphones alarm clock….this is pretty cool without a doubt.
  • It come with a built in dual mode “GSM and CDMA radio so you can listen to the radio should you travel outside of the United States.
  • The Apple Iphone 4S’s batter life holds a longer charge to power your phone up to 8 hours of talk time or 6 hours of 3G web browsing. (NOTICE) we mentioned nothing about 4 G Networks.

That’s really it for the Iphone 4S.
When will the Iphone 5 really be released? that’s a very good question? I did visit my local Apple Store located in Altamonte Springs Florida and talked to a few of the Apple associates who were pretty disappointed the Iphone 5 isn’t coming so fast after all. Needless to say this group of young men and women are very friendly and helpful which really is an understatement.





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