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E-commerce Order Entry Software

A few days ago a business in Orlando Florida contacted us and asked us for information about an Order entry software at which is a software package that would be an alternatives solution to common off the shelf accounting software that can be integrated into their E-commerce web site for more advanced reporting options. After a brief discussion with the accounting department and the owner of this business we learned the company’s requirements are pretty deep and they want a web based order entry software package that includes Enterprise Resource Planning also known as (ERP), advanced accounting features and modules, Customer Relationship Management also known as CRM, that can function with their E-commerce website.  Of course when planning to jump into deep water a small business must consider cost to implement, deploy and maintain such a high end solution and the business better be serious about doing business on the internet to justify the cost associated with running a truly customized back office system.  We wound up recommending a customized software package using software from a company we are familiar with based out of San Mateo California. The software vendor is NetSuite and they do develop some pretty impressive order enter software packages that can be custom tailored to any E commerce web based back office system.

We decided to review the software hands on and this stuff is very feature rich and here are our thoughts.

NetSuite is an online accounting and business management software package that is very useful for larger E-commerce web sites and it can be customized and modified providing you have access to an experienced and reliable computer programmer and a web-master. We reviewed the demo version of the small business accounting software and found that it offers extensive financial reporting and covers many needs beyond basic accounting. This software package without modification can track sales, marketing, projects and even customer service tasks. The possibilities are really endless if you have access to a well versed information technology firm to work with you to help you achieve your technical goals.

This E-commerce business solution is very flexible and user friendly. It really is everything a business needs, from tracking phone calls, emails,  to managing employees and even outside business consultants. However, it may be too much for small businesses of only a few employees and way too much for freelancers or consultants that do not need much beyond basic invoicing where QuickBooks will fit the needs better. But a mid sized company of about 30 or more employees  may find that a customized NetSuite system can help them become more organized and efficient and ultimately more profitable.


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