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Jailbreaking your iPhone

Should you or shouldn’t you “jailbreak” your apple device?  Ultimately the decision is up to you, but here are some things to consider. “Jail breaking” an apple device is overriding the operating system so you can use it in a manner that you may find better for you, or is it? Here are a few things to think about before taking the limits off your apple device. A simple Google search will help you find any which number of ways give you step by step instructions to jailbreak your phone, which at this time is not illegal but will in fact void your apple warranty.

Some of the features people like about taking the limits off apples iOS is that you can break free of iTunes, download mp3s from any website you wish without having to only use the format of an iTunes account.  Additionally, even though there are thousands of apps you can download for free through your iTunes account, once you override the iOS you will have access to even more apps that aren’t written for strictly apple. If you like playing games on your phone there are “cheat codes” available to you so you can have unlimited resources to play your favorite games. Also, If you don’t like the standard look of the iPhone screens, “jail breaking” your phone will give you the option of customizing it to your own look and feel. All these options are attractive reasons to go ahead and break free.  However, be careful, there is danger to taking the limits off your apple device as well.  Apple products are famous for not getting viruses and having problems with malware. If you decide to override your system and allow the protections that are on there to keep your device safe and secure,you are taking a risk and making your apple products vulnerable.  Iphone does not currently have anti-virus programs written for it because in and of itself it is not necessary, so seriously think about such things before putting yourself in a situation where you have rendered your favorite device inoperable. If you do go ahead and jailbreak your phone it is in fact fixable. You can easily connect to iTunes and restore all your defaults, however you will lose all saved information on your apple device.  Carefully weigh the options that have been provided here and make the best decision for you and you alone.


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