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Cloud Computing Provider

Cloud Computing has been a hot buzz word for a while now and is getting hotter and hotter.

I have 3 important suggestions for anyone considering storing their data in the cloud.

#1 Before you spend a single penny with a cloud service provider first and foremost call their tech support and verify you are not stuck in an endless loop of being transferred around and make sure your call is not transferred over seas to India or elsewhere outside of the United States.

#2 Verify the strength of the company and how long they have been in business.

#3 If the provider you choose passes the above tests to your own satisfaction go ahead and sign up and pay for 1 month of service then upload some “test data” then wait a few days then log back in and delete your test data then call their tech support and tell them you accidentally deleted your data and see for yourself how fast they are able to restore your data from a backup.

You may be surprised at how good theĀ  cloud provider you are testing really is or isn’t is or you may be disgusted but it’s your data and you owe it to yourself to test the cloud hosting provide you consider before you store real data on a server located who knows where that you can not physically touch.

I will be testing some cloud hosting providers and will provide a complete rating on my personal experiences later on for my blog readers to see themselves.

In the mean time I wrote an article in 2010 that explains exactly what cloud computing really is.

CLICK HERE to read that article.

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