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The hidden dangers of Image GeoTagging

What is Image Geo tagging anyways?

Did you know today’s smart phones and digital cameras embed hidden data into the photographs you take. The photos you take can tell others:

  • Where you live
  • Where you work
  • Where you go to school
  • Where you spend your free time
  • When there is nobody home
  • Where you park your car

Now it may not be a big deal if you are taking photographs of yourself or a loved one in a public place like Lake Eola, Cranes Roost Park or another well known public place. On the other hand if you are taking photos in your home, at your job or any other place you don’t want a stranger to know then you probably should continue reading this article.

How does it happen?
When you take a photograph with a smartphone or digital camera, it takes much more then just a photograph. Most of today’s smart phones such as the DROID or the IPHONE have the ability and do so¬† by default add Geo Tags to the photographs you take which include information about the EXACT location where the photograph was taken, what date and time the photograph was taken and this poses a real security threat to consumers.

Lets pretend you take photos of yourself with your Iphone, DROID or other modern smartphone.
Now lets pretend you upload those photos to your facebook, myspace, a singles website or even email them to somebody you don’t know very well.

Sounds pretty normal so far, right?

The hidden danger is anybody with the know-how or technical knowledge if you will can view the hidden data embedded in your photographs and see exactly where the photos were taken, when the photos were taken and much more…

How do you protect yourself?

You can turn off the GPS feature on your smart-phone, but you might still need the GPS feature turned on for GPS navigation. So if you want to protect yourself you would turn the GPS functionality off on your smart phone when you are taking photographs and turn the GPS function back on if you happen to need to use the GPS features in your smartphone.

Written by Chris Ondo




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