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GOOGLE+ used as a Business Tool

If you thought Google+ is just for personal use you may be in for a surprise.

Google+ is now available on Google Apps, the online suite of Google tools used by millions of businesses and universities worldwide.

When Google+ was released this year to the general public, its practical uses for businesses were still unclear. One of the setbacks was this social media tool was not available on Google Apps which is Google’s suite of online office tools used by many businesses and universities. Google recently announced that Google Apps users would now be able to use Google+.

Google stated that over 4 million businesses in a wide range of industries are using Google Apps for common day to day tasks. If an organization has chosen to automatically enable the new Google services, Google+ will become available to employees almost immediately. Otherwise, network administrators can now enable Google+ for their organizations.

While Google Apps users will have access to all of the standard features of Google+, there are other elements your network administrator can add. Users will have the option to share with other Google+ enabled users in their organization.  Google+ already boasts over 50 million users worldwide, and adoptions like this are sure to bring more business users to the light. The business possibilities for Google’s new site seem endless, from online staff business meetings to document collaboration.

Google’s easy to use filtering tools means fast segregation of work related material, not to mention personal material. Google also announced an easy to use migration tool for users that already have a personal Google+ account.  For users that have already started using Google+ with their personal Google accountants, Google is already building a tool to help users move over. With the tool Google is building, users will not have to rebuild their circles, and the people that have already added you to their circles will automatically be connected to your new Google profile.

The integration of Google+ with Google Apps sounds like it is the beginning of Google’s push for the social media website to be a business tool.  Does your company or organization plan on using Google+ as a business collaboration tool in the near future? How do you envision Google’s role for your business or organization?

To learn more about Google+ visit the Google+ website.

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