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What are the email attachment size limits for yahoo, hotmail, gmail and AOL ?

Do you know what the email attachment size limit is for Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail, and AOL?

Hotmail is 10MB
Yahoo is 20MB
Gmail is 20MB
AOL is 25MB

You can send and receive emails up top the above size limits which included the email message itself, header and email attachments. If the email exceed the thresholds above then you will need to compress the email or split the attachments into smaller emails. If you send a large email attachment that is under the threshold and you receive a bounce-back error message this most likely means that the recipient’s email provider or server has a smaller limit then you may want to consider transferring the attachments another way then email. Traditionally Email was not really designed to send and receive huge attachments. That’s what FTP also known as File Transfer Protocol is good for. If you do not know how to FTP files then you may want to ask your in house network administrator to help you should you have one. or another good alternative that is real easy to use is a file transfer service provider called You Send It. Whats nice is they offer free plans that are good for individuals and small businesses.

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