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Verizon and Iphone: Is this true or just another rumor?

After years of rumors, the day is coming where Verizon wireless will support the  Iphone. The day this will happen is February 11 2011. This information was given to me by the Verizon store in Altamonte Springs Florida a few weeks ago. A few days later this information was all over television news and radio media. “I didn’t believe it until I saw it all over major news outlets”.

Apple has sold more than 70 million iPhones since the device’s launch in 2007 which is on AT&T’s network.

The exclusive contract between AT&T and Apple has come at a hefty price. Customers all over Central Florida and the United States have complained about the poor service from AT&T’s wireless network.

The big question is:

Will Verizon’s wireless network outshine AT&T’s wireless network?
Verizon and AT&T have been spending billions of dollars to build their network to capacity and consumers will find out pretty soon.

Will the iPhone support Verizon’s LTE 4G network, or its CDMA 3G network?

Verizon’s new 4G network is just starting its rollout. If the iPhone has to rely on the older CDMA network that is what I call the old school network that I used with my Palm TREO WX that carries some significant drawbacks. Most noticeable: Verizon customers will NOT be able to chat on the Iphone and surf the Web simultaneously, as they can on AT&T’s network.

Will Verizon let iPhone customer’s sign up for the unlimited data plan?

Back in June 2010, AT&T announced new 3G pricing plans that made iPhone and iPad bills less expensive for most customers, but also ended the carrier’s unlimited data option. New buyers can pay either $15 for 200 MB a month or $25 for 2 GB, replacing the carrier’s previous $30 all-you-can-download plan.

Verizon currently offers its smart phone customers unlimited data for $30 a month. Will it extend that plan to the iPhone? YES according to the Verizon store in Altamonte Springs Florida but don’t hold your breath because I have heard the Iphone rumors in that store for many years now.

When will the Verizon iPhone be available to customers?
02 11 2011 is the magic day according to Verizon wireless in Altamonte Springs and Orlando.

How much will the Verizon iPhone cost? And will the company offer any incentives to AT&T iPhone customers?

With a two-year AT&T contract, the iPhone 4 costs $199 for a 16 GB device and $299 for the 32 GB version. Verizon’s pricing is expected to be the same. Price as AT&T for Iphones.

With such a high demand product, Verizon probably won’t feel the need to offer any incentives for AT&T customers looking to switch over. Those who make the jump will have to pay a $325 penalty for termination-of-contract, and they could be subject to other fees.

Will a Verizon iPhone kill AT&T?

The many friends I have spoken to in the Information Technology field in the greater Orlando area and in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Berkley California have told me they believe so, but many industry analysts say no. The company has locked in millions of customers who upgraded over the past few months.

Furthermore, while lots of customers complain about AT&T, relatively few are likely to follow through with the hassle of switching. Yankee Group estimates that 2.5 million AT&T iPhone customers will defect to Verizon in 2011 which represents just 3% of AT&T’s base of 93 million customers.

From my personal experiences I feel AT&T has much more to offer.
Verizon and AT&T prices are the same in terms of what you get per month for your money.
The only real world difference is AT&T offers rollover minutes and Verizon does not and has no plans to.

Do you want video chat capability?
Do you want to enjoy roll over minutes? IE to keep the minutes you paid for and didn’t use.

If you answered yes to either of those two questions then AT&T is my recommendation because you will NOT get either of those two features with Verizon Wireless.

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