I have noticed people are receiving emails that attempt to trick facebook users into believing their facebook accountant is subject to an internet attack by hackers. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS.
This is an attempt to get people to download and install a computer virus to their computers.
Instead we recommend you delete such emails and DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS from sources you do not trust EVER.

Here is an actual email we have seen which is NOT FROM the REAL FACEBOOK.
NOTE: We made the fake email in RED text so you can clearly identify it.

Dear user!

Your account on the site Facebook.com was subjected to attack by third parties
at 21:13 March 25, 2011.
We stopped trying password guessing, using bruteforce.
And strongly recommend that you use complex passwords consisting of random
characters. In no case do not pass on suspicious links, where you are required
to enter a password. Always use antivirus software to avoid becoming a victim
of fraud by entering the password in the fake software.
We strongly recommend that you upgrade your system’s security policy.
We have generated for you patch, which allows the maximum secure your stay
at the Facebook.com.
Be sure to use it, so we can immediately return your page in case of theft
of a password.

Each copy of the patch has its own unique identifier.
And this patch is applicable only to your account.
Once installed, it automatically deleted.
Thus it is not possible to attempt to steal personal settings on your patch.

Customer Support Facebook.com

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