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Unplanned server and network downtime can be caused by a number of different events:

• Catastrophic server failures caused by memory, processor or motherboard

• Server component failures including power supplies, fans, internal disks,
disk controllers, host bus adapters and network adapters

• Software failures of the operating system, middleware or application

• Site problems such as power failures, network disruptions, fire, flooding or
natural disasters

To protect critical applications from downtime, you need to take steps to protect
against each potential source of downtime.

Eliminating potential single points of failure is a time-tested technical strategy for reducing the
risk of downtime and data loss. Typically, network administrators do this by introducing redundancy in
the application delivery infrastructure, and automating the process of monitoring and
correcting faults to ensure rapid response to problems as they arise. Most leading
companies adopting best practices for protecting critical applications and data also
look at the potential for the failure of an entire site, establishing redundant systems at
an alternative site to protect against site-wide disasters.

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Orlando Computer Repair Company Talks About Hard Drive Clicking

Hard drive clicking also known as the click of death.

What does it mean when your hard drive makes a clicking sound?
A clicking hard drive is a sign of physical hard drive failure.

Without getting into a bunch of technical factors here I am going to keep this post short and to the point.

When a hard drive makes a clicking sound it is damaged beyond repair and the data on it is not accessable.

This problem can happen to anybody anywhere and is more common then many people realize.

This also applies to people that use external hard drives as a backup system for their data.

The bottom line is anything mechanical will fail and will not last forever.
This is especially true for hard drives including external hard drives.

When you hear your hard drive making a clicking noise unplug the hard drive and do not use it anymore.
You can attempt to copy your data off of the clicking hard drive but you are going to wind up causing more damage to the hard drive which will make it more expensive when a data recovery lab recovers your data.

When a hard drive clicks you will not be able to retrieve your data and you will have no choice but to send your hard drive to a data recovery company or an Orlando data recovery company if you live in Central Florida.

An Orlando Data Recovery company can get your data off of the damaged hard drive and onto a new hard drive.

Always be prepared for the worst and backup your data to a real backup system.
An external hard drive is not considered a professional backup solution and should only be used for a convience rather then a backup system.

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What if you accidently delete a file or your data gets corrupted? How can you get your data back fast?

This sort of thing happens to small businesses and even large businesses in Orlando Florida more often then many people believe. Data gets deleted by accident or a file or files gets corrupted.
Hard drives fail, computers crash, servers get to hot and overheat, these things do happen and being able to restore data quickly is very important.

One of the nice advantages of disk based backup is that it can be done quickly with little disruption to your businesses applications and operations. One of the many ways to protect files is with automated daily backups to DAS or a NAS. Most backup solutions allow you to make  full backups to disk and frequent incremental backups of data that has changed since the last full backup daily or even several times a day.

Thanks to fast disk based incremental backups, if you accidentally delete a file or if a file, a directory, or an entire system becomes corrupted due to a virus or user or hardware failure, you can recover that file or data from prior state quickly and easily so you can get right back to work.

If you’re using a NAS solution to store backups, check to see if it comes with or works easily with software that offers point in time backup and recovery. Then you can rest assured that you’ll never really lose a precious file or data that you really need for your business.

If you accidentally deleted a file or if your server or computer crashed.
Do you know for sure you could easily and quickly restore your data?

When was the last time you actually tested your backup system?

Far too often we have seen small businesses in and around Orlando Florida use obsolete backup systems and when something goes wrong they learn all along their backup system has not been backing any data up!

TEST YOUR BACKUP SYSTEM and test it often.
Purposely remove a file or files and restore them from your backup.
This is the only way to know for sure your backup system really works.

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