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Wifi sync stopped working between iPhone XS and Itunes version

Wifi sync stopped working between iPhone XS and i-Tunes version

Recently I had to figure out why an i-Phone XS and a Windows 10 pro / 64 would no longer sync with i-Tunes through wifi – wireless.

I am sharing my personal troubleshooting notes to document how I fixed this problem.

Apple i-Tunes for windows 10 can come from 2 safe well known resources.
#1 – Being the Microsoft store which is where apple i-Tunes website also leads to….Apple points you to the Microsoft store to obtain i-Tunes.
The Microsoft version of the software is a little bit different then the version that comes from Apple directly…but you cant tell by looking.
The i-Tunes that comes from the Microsoft store is trimmed down and does not allow automatic updates or services to start on their own in the background. Some of these services are required to engage an i-Tunes to automatically launch i-Tunes when plugged into a PC.
I believe certain services must be running in the background to allow a wifi sync to occur but I wander down rabbit holes here and followed a direct path to resolution here. This is the software that I was running and wifi sync stopped working by itself.

i-Tunes can be downloaded directly from apple as previously in the past.
This version has full functionality and will run various necessary apple services in the background that enable i-Tunes to automatically launch when an i-Tunes is plugged into the PC. This is the version I recommend users install – get it directly from Apple download and not from the Microsoft store unless an apple tech support pro / apple employee tells you otherwise

My fix was:
#1 backup your i-Tunes library just in case something goes wrong.
I am a fan of using a program called CopyTrans TuneSwift.
There are manual ways to do this which is beyond the scope of this project.

# 2
From your Windows 10 computer – click the start button on Win 10 and loom for Apps.
Look specifically for i-Tunes and anything that might say apple.
Right click on these and choose Uninstall.

Go into control panel of Windows and go to add / remove programs and do the same to make sure there is not apple software installed.
There may or may not be something present that says apple.

Reboot and directly download i-Tunes from apple and avoid getting it from the Microsoft store.
The direct download linkĀ  —
i-Tunes should launch after setup of step #4 if not reboot the PC then launch i-Tunes.

Plug your i-Tunes into your computerĀ  and it is now detected in i-Tunes.

In i-Tunes you must click the check box that says Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.
Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi.

Now wait for any syncing to finish up the then unplug iphone from the computer and place it on a charger and BINGO it is now detected in i-Tunes again like it use to be and should be.

To further test – reboot computer and i-Phone and open i-Tunes then place i-Phone on a charger to verify issue is resolved and reliable wifi syncing is now in functioning again.

I hope this works for you as it worked for me.


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