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How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Do you know how many customers are coming to your website each day/week using their mobile, discover how to make your site mobile friendly to give them the best experience.

You most likely already know from experience that many people nowadays use their smart phones and tablets to surf the internet and shop online. If your old school website does not display well on a mobile devise you are going to lose website visitors because if your website can not be viewed on a mobile phone the visitor is going to close your website and look elsewhere instead on looking at your website.

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Many small to medium sized businesses seem to not understand the real benefits of running a mobile version of their website to keep up with today’s mobile technology where many internet users visit websites with their smart phones or other mobile devises. The fact is that typically 10% (1 in 10) of customers are coming through to your site using mobile internet technology – and that is conservative; for many businesses is much higher some of our clients are seeing up to 46% (restaurant). If that mobile experience isn’t good you could be losing potential customers which means you are losing MONEY!

  • With more potential customers coming to your website on mobile devises its in your best interest to give them a mobile friendly experience.
  • Mobile customers want information and they want it fast. Easy to ready content with a CTA – Call To Action content and making it easy to find you and communicate with you are ideal for providing your website visitors and potential customers an easy to use and positive experience.
  • Time matters – having a fast mobile site = lower bounce rates on mobile = more potential customers = more MONEY for your business.

It is also worth testing how friendly your website looks on a mobile or tablet; here are a few tools:

  • MobiReady – is a handy tool to test your website for mobile functionality.

Here are some options on how to make your site mobile friendly. Choosing the right method will depend on your existing website site and what you are trying to achieve.

How To Make Your Site Mobile if your website is wordpress based.

Use A Responsive Theme
A responsive WordPress theme helps by changing the layout to fit mobiles. Most new themes from leading suppliers like WooThemes and Genesis have a great range of responsive themes. This is probably needs to be tied in with producing a new website unless your website is already wordpress based.


WPtouch Pro is a simple WordPress plugin that transforms your WordPress site into a mobile friendly version. Some of the main features of WPTouch Professional  include: easy customization options, themes and an easy to use admin panel. Pricing for a single WordPress site around sixty bucks and is worth every penny.

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WPTap provide a range of mobile themes that you can buy and easily setup for mobile. Themes are priced at $49 or lower. The WPTap plugin converts your site to a mobile version or redirects to WpTap theme.


WP Mobile Detector

The plugin detects if a person is using a mobile device and then loads a mobile compatible theme for that device. One of the key features of this plugin is the number of devices it can support, more than 5000 types of mobile devices.


MobilePress has some custom themes to choose from as well as some other settings. MobilePress is limited in its ability to customize it unless you start getting into coding and custom CSS, but at a top level it is simple to use.

WordPress Mobile Pack

This plugin is has two key features: device adaptation & mobile recognition. It detects the mobile device and the browser and then adjusts your post into suitable pages for the mobile visitor.

Duda Mobile WordPress Plugin
Dudamobile provide a great and easy to use plugin that converts your WordPress website into a mobile-friendly site. It syncs with your WordPress site and also provides mobile SEO functions.

Now there are many other solutions that you may want to experiment with on your own.

Lets now assume your website is older then dirt and has been neglected. At this point its in your best interest to consult with a professional webmaster to have your website evaluated. A qualified webmaster will make recommendations as to whether you should keep your old website or if it should be modified to be mobile friendly. It is impossible to tell you how much this will cost because every website is different and unique. Most likely the webmaster will recommend you get up to date with a modern web platform however depending on many circumstances he or she may offer to custom build you a mobile website to operate with your already existing website.

If in doubt contact an experienced Orlando webmaster for professional advise and guidance so you don’t waste time or money guessing.





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