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What is web hosting?

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is the technical act of housing, managing and hosting websites on special servers referred to as web servers or clouds. Managing a web server requires special skills, expensive equipment and a 24-7 connection to a commercial high speed internet connection.

There are thousands of web hosting companies all over the world and some of the better companies use high end servers, high quality networking equipment, backup their servers & your data and employ professional and experienced computer engineers – network administrators that know what they are doing and most importantly are reliable and responsive to your needs or problems. There are also the CheapO web hosting providers that use cheap computers instead of real servers to host websites, don’t backup their servers or your data, and use cheap unreliable networking equipment and unreliable internet connections. Now don’t expect them to tell you that because most of them want you to think they are the best and of course they want your business. You can get super cheap web hosting all day long but expect nothing less than headaches and incompetent support usually outsourced to India or other countries.

Do I need web hosting?
If you own or want a website then the answer is yes you need web hosting.

What kind of web hosting do I need?
This depends on several factors such the size of your website? How much traffic does your website get? Is your website database driven? These are a few of the important questions you need to know when choosing the right web hosting for your specific needs. An Orlando Webmaster can help you decide what specific web hosting is right for you and prevent you from wasting your time and money making mistakes.

What is disk space?
In the web hosting industry or Information Technology industry disk space – aka hard drive storage capacity is the physical space that a website occupies on a server or web server web – CLOUD.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the measurement of data transfer speed through a computer network.
If you remember the dial up internet connection days you would refer to that slow connection as slow bandwidth. If you use a high speed internet connection you would refer to that as high speed bandwidth. Bandwidth is most common measured in Gigabytes. An example is one normal sized email which may be one or a few bytes in size. A typical image or photo may be a few kilobytes or larger and videos and other multimedia files can exceed megabytes in size. The data that is transferred to and from your website or computer is also referred to as bandwidth.

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